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History ..... or how it all began.


At the beginning of 2009. group of like-minded people can say quite casually and spontaneously decided to participate in the competition for the provision of fishing area for the organization of recreational and sport fishing. 2 applications were filed : one on the river. Tipanovka and even on some river , whose name no one remembers . A positive result , by and large, we did not expect . And suddenly out of the blue came a letter with the results of the competition, from which it became clear that we won it . Until now, we are surprised by this result , but nevertheless ..... Whether the river for someone seemed unpromising , whether its distance , or length of the river , where they can find a small salmon .

Anyway, we went around the competition!

So, there is a river ( to which you can only get in the summer by the sea or by helicopter and snowmobile in the winter ) , it's being said for small: to build any shelter, to express themselves and attract fishermen willing to come to us with all this and try to earn some money for future business development .

And then we think deeply , as it is all to implement.

Great help in the initial stage was the presence in our fishing vessel on which we were parallel to the coastal cod with a wonderful crew, which a special thank you for your understanding and assistance .

And as I said , or rather someone's words quoted our collaborator : "The main thing to get involved in the fight." And we got engaged , even assuming , as it will be DIFFICULT .

The first landing as it was held to explore 24.05.09 at 4 people, would like to mention them by name:

Evgeniy Baranyuk, Mikhail Babykin, Alexander Alkatsev and Yaskazhuk Igor.

And Evgeniy and Igor were invited , and go fishing for the day another ride , rest , well, everything that accompanies the departure on a picnic. We returned to the " picnic " in 10 days, there was a storm at sea , and there was no way to go from here.

So here they are , this " holiday" is remembered to this day.

A little about geography. River Tipanovka to the Barents Sea , which is known not freeze (sorry, but there are such questions ) and in which the 230 - 250 days a year storm . Naturally there are no berths nobody built , fjords in Norway , but there is the beach, which you can not even land on the boat when the wave height of 1 meter and up (of course not at the oars ) , not to mention the vessel . There are two landing site near our base , one in the 700 meters and all uphill , the other about 2 miles and not too sweet . Distant bay (2 km), we call the "quiet" , it is convenient for unloading. There comfortably land and depart , but far away. Nearest bay, we call it "beach" , more exposed knurled wave. There's much more complex, but closer .

Was created by the construction project , which has changed several times in the process , was compiled approximate estimates of building materials , tools, etc. etc. and most importantly, was selected base future ( five years later, we have never regretted the choice .) Like to understand how our environment looks like construction, a small example . So purchased board 10 cubic meters, engaging and loaded truck that carries her in Teriberku , 120 km . Murmansk. There it is unloaded and then loaded on a ship and everything manually . The ship is in one of the bays near the river ( 90% of cases on " the beach "), arrive just weather, and when it becomes difficult to find a decent boat, tide , low tide , etc. Yes it was very difficult to build a logistics in these conditions and to solve all sorts of puzzles.

There ship to anchor, planking overloaded to boat and delivered (20-40 times) on the shore, stored and then manually transported to the construction site and only in winter by snowmobile. As a result, the cost of the board (probably very few people are interested) increases several times.

The first year was the most difficult. But as they say , who was hired on that . We had to bring a planks , logs , foam , cement mixtures , brick , fireplaces , iron , techno - Nicole (oh , what it is heavy ) , generators, gasoline, diesel oil , pipes , clove , screws, glue , paint, beds, chairs , tables , linens, cranes , tools , toilets, food and everything else that is necessary for modern man who wants to have a good rest for your money. Yet we must not forget that we are in the tundra, where there is no forest. Imposed on the Beach Sc. fin ( planks , beams , joists ) that summer sawn , pricked and stored. And then transferred or winter snowmobile transported to the base. We are grateful to all those people who helped us . Many of them helped us free .

Now we have quite decent base. Fishermen who visited us, happy with our hospitality, conditions, fishing and recreation in general. Although there were tourists (not women) who were angered by the fact that we have a bidet, no promenade and pier, there is no way that I can roll a suitcase on wheels and failed to bring home a full one hundred-liter thermo salmon and "discourage" the fish caught your tour.

The company's policy aims (funds invested time and effort here could bring much more profit if they invested in another sector of the economy ) is not on the maximum and rapid profit and to restore and preserve the herds of wild salmon and brutal but still fragile nature of the north as a whole and popularization of tourism in our native Kola Peninsula. And our children and grandchildren have seen not only salmon cage in the store , and in the wild.

We always listen to reasonable suggestions and comments and if possible try to satisfy them.


Sincerely Mikhail, Alexander  Vladimir.

And to all who participated in our project, our heartfelt thanks .



And now five years later we see that herd salmon strengthened and increased significantly in size and number and weight of captured specimens.



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