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Goose hunting

Goose hunting is becoming more popular every year. For the uninitiated the difference between hunting geese and other wild birds invisible. Seemingly disguised, and waited for a flock of all, nothing complicated. However, this is not so, and many adherents goose hunting ready to argue that a rare adventure compared with the pleasure of hunting for this clever and cautious bird.

For goose hunting requires patience and the ability to disguise the way before the power available to decrease the height of the shot , goose inspects the area and his vision is very good - 2 units. Gus will never go down , if he sees traces of human presence , whether it be a spade or plain bush grass uprooted . And later he will remember this place and fly side. Age goose can reach 50 years, and during his life he can see a lot of different tricks and traps hunters. And the more experienced leader of the pack , the more careful should be training. This does not exclude the probability of chance to get a trophy , and such cases are not uncommon , too , but the feeling that you outsmarted and took an experienced opponent can not be compared with anything.

In the area Tipanovka river few trees and shrubs , mostly tundra, and therefore an ambush or skradok - a great tool that makes the extraction goose nonrandom . Well camouflaged , they allow you to fire with pretty close. Sit in an ambush should advance before the geese appear , and try not to give out their presence . In addition, as a common ways of masking used scrim and suit " devil ." Happy owners of such devices on the one hand , you can navigate the terrain, on the other hand , there is always a risk that an experienced bird notice and uncover the intentions of the hunter. Using the grid requires a certain dexterity, since it can be easily confused , and in a suit " devil " is not advisable to sleep after taking alcohol drinks - can not find.


During spring goose hunt must be remembered that the first single appeared geese - none other than as "scouts" clarifying the situation ahead of flying flocks, which should be skipped without a shot. Otherwise, the caravan will change the direction of flight.

Goose - strong to fight bird. Shoot it should be no smaller than one shot. On the distance and closer to winter, you can use small canister. Shooting geese often conducted in the far distance, so patrons should be kitted out with the use of funds, improves the accuracy of a fraction. During shooting the incoming goose flock should observe the behavior of the birds after the shot. Trembling from getting goose may some time to continue the flight, and then fall to the ground, or plan.

When hunting for geese use different types of lures. Keeping  live goose is problematic and is available only a few hunters, heavy wooden effigies. Therefore, the primary means to attract geese remain plywood, tin and gain more popularity in recent years, the volume profiles. Since the profile is visible only from the side, they should be set perpendicular to each other. Then whatever side appeared geese - Profiles to be seen by them.

Do popularity hunting geese there is a downside: the more eager, the more difficult to find a secluded and ideal. We offer you just such a place - because of the remoteness and inaccessibility, it is ideal for a gorgeous spring goose hunt.


What to bring?

  Going on a goose hunt, do not forget to bring:

  • Binoculars for bird detection.
  • Sunglasses - they protect your eyes from the sun and get rid of headaches. Insulated boots, waterproof clothing and underwear - for a comfortable waiting birds unpredictable weather conditions in the north of the Kola. Warm clothing is never enough, because it can be removed at any time.
  • Camera or camcorder - modern technology will capture the most exciting moments in the automatic mode, even if at this point no one gets near.
  • Goose decoy and profiles.


How to disguise?

  Stage masking and expectations occupies the big time, so an experienced hunter prepares for it carefully and think through all the details.

 The most common method of disguise - a tent, waiting in ambush. She's going out of fabricated metal collapsible racks with camouflage coating. Certainly, in terms of comfort is the most popular way of masking. Hunter protected from wind and rain, the movement inside the tent bird invisible. To date, industry offers many hunting tents, specially designed for comfort expectations. However ambush will tower over the countryside and could deter geese.

If you want to disguise on level ground, then engage in a method such as digging a pit. This process is not easy, but it is feasible, as in the tundra sandy soil. This simply dig a groove and sit in it will not be enough - it can be seen from the air well and need to disguise her top and take care of protection from the rain. With good disguise groove is imperceptible to the goose.

Masking using the grid does not require up-front effort . Furthermore , it is possible to change the position of the terrain. Quality masking will depend on the quality of the grid and the ability to move quickly. If the hunter is not the fighter of special troops , then we must train , otherwise you may get entangled in the net and goose notice such movements . The grid is made of a special polymer , or textile fibers , coated on top of the polyurethane . Such material is practically silent , does not create glare in the sun and does not become heavy with water.

Suit "devil" represents the greatest mobility in the area, but reduces the time spent in a possible ambush - any movement in this suit to be seen and raise suspicion of a bird. Such camouflage long popular among hunters because it was always possible to make at home from improvised. Now these suits are made from waterproof anti-reflective materials, have a long service life, they are soft and silent.